Madera Vieja

J.B. Simon Barns

When we initially pulled up to the J.B. Simon barns we thought we had stumbled across an L-shaped barn, which is a fairly unique configuration. Upon closer inspection, however, it became clear that we were looking at two independent barns that were simply placed next to each other. Looking at the barns now, between the different roof configurations and the distinct sections of weathered siding, it should have been fairly obvious.


We got a little lucky with these barns: some of the family still lived on the street, allowing us to learn a little about their history. The older of the two barns, situated to the west and identifiable by the triangular roof and redder siding, was thought to have been built around the time of the Civil War. Although difficult to verify, the large number of hand-hewn beams is consistent with the barn having been build pre-1900.

The newer barn, situated to the east and identifiable by the “J.B. Simon 1922” lettering, was presumably built in 1922. Although mostly milled beams, the layout and construction is similar but with a multi-faceted and higher peaked roof, providing an even more open feel.


(All measurements approximate)

West Barn

Year built: Unknown, likely 1870-1880
Construction: Tenon and mortise; cantilevered roof beams
Area: 1400 sq. ft.
Length: 44' 2"
Width: 32' 1"
Roof Peak: 25"

East Barn

Year built: Around 1922
Construction: Tenon and mortise; cantilevered roof beams
Area: 1680 sq. ft.
Length: 60'
Width: 28' 2"
Roof Peak: 35'